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“To sing those powerful songs and dance up and down the stage at the same time is incredibly hard. Tina was an absolute athlete to be able to do that”

When Showtime Australia began casting for the Tina Turner tribute TINA The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Show in 2017, Caroline Borole was hard to overlook for the leading role, with a natural rasp and extraordinary power to her voice and an athleticism on stage that Director Johnny Van Grinsven simply couldn’t find elsewhere. We spoke to Borole about what it takes to pull off a show like TINA, and what audiences can expect when seeing the show. 

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“It’s a tour of his artistic career, creating a whole experience around Michael’s legacy”

Carlos J. López is the producer and co-director of FOREVER – The best show about THE KING OF POP, which first premiered March 10th 2010 in Madrid. Since then, more than 500,000 people have enjoyed the intense journey through Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. We spoke to López about why Jackson’s music still attracts a big audience worldwide, how the show has evolved since 2010, and what the audience can expect in 2024. 

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“My job is really focused on studying literally every single mannerism, gesture and move to be able to replicate it as close to the original as possible.”

FOREVER – The best show about THE KING OF POP, is an intense and emotional journey through Michael Jackson’s greatest hits with bold staging and audiovisual design. The show is praised worldwide for its high artistic quality in many different disciplines: vocals, dancers, musicians, beatboxers, and acrobats. Get an inside look at what it takes to pull off a show like FOREVER in this Q&A with Alex Blanco, the show’s Michael Jackson impersonator.

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