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“It’s a tour of his artistic career, creating a whole experience around Michael’s legacy”

Simon Melhus

By Simon Melhus

februar 12, 2024

Carlos J. López is the producer and co-director of FOREVER – The best show about THE KING OF POP, which first premiered March 10th 2010 in Madrid. Since then, more than 500,000 people have enjoyed the intense journey through Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. We spoke to López about why Jackson’s music still attracts a big audience worldwide, how the show has evolved since 2010, and what the audience can expect in 2024. 

Why do you think the music and story of Michael Jackson still attracts a big audience worldwide?

Michael’s music is timeless, the productions of the latest albums sound totally current, Michael was ahead of his time. His lyrics and his message are still relatable nowadays. For example, in “Heal the World” which was written in 1992, 32 years ago, he already warned us of the climate problems that would come.

How does this show differ from other shows about the king of pop?

This show is different from the rest in several ways. Michael’s work is treated with absolute respect and admiration, it’s a tour of his artistic career, creating a whole experience around Michael’s legacy. It isn’t a show where there is always a double of Michael on stage imitating him, there are 5 musicians and 6 singers on stage while 9 dancers recreate some of his choreographies and one of them assumes the figure of Michael in some highlights of the show. The viewer leaves the venue knowing perfectly Michael’s work and other aspects of him. That’s what The Jackson Family liked about the show along with the quality and a few other things, and why they decided to endorse it.

What has been the biggest challenge for you as director?

I am the producer of the show and artistic co-director. The biggest challenge has definitely been the castings, getting a cast of artists who have the vocal and choreographic level that Michael had. Michael’s music is challenging to sing, there are very high vocal ranges, and the choreographies are demanding. So getting a cast that would be able to put everything together as we expected was not an easy task.

Has the show changed in any way since the opening in Madrid in 2010?

Yes, the show has evolved. Now it is more agile and intense, but we capture all the essence and emotion as always. It is a show where people enjoy themselves, sing, dance, get excited and ,above all, leave happy.

How important has it been to have the Jackson Family Foundation’s endorsement of the show?

The support of 3 members of the Jackson family has been very important to us, it is something that no show in the world has. Joseph Jackson first came to see the show in Seville (Spain) in 2011, he left the venue in shock and excitement, he congratulated the good work and the concept of the show, when he returned home he spoke with La Toya and Jermaine and they both came to Madrid and Barcelona to see it. It was wonderful for the entire casting to see them sitting there in the theatre and coming backstage to congratulate us and say that it was the best show they had seen about their brother. La Toya said we had put Michael’s heart on stage. They have always been there because they have appreciated how the figure of his brother is recreated in the show.

What can the audience expect of the show in 2024?

So far everywhere we go the public loves the show, we have been in places like Mexico and Puerto Rico where they are used to big productions, France, Portugal, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. and the reaction has always been very positive and affectionate with us.

The Scandinavian tour starts on February 16, 2024. Click the link to buy your ticket: FOREVER, the best show about the KING OF POP | CSB Island Entertainment

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