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“My job is really focused on studying literally every single mannerism, gesture and move to be able to replicate it as close to the original as possible.”

Simon Melhus

By Simon Melhus

februar 09, 2024

FOREVER – The best show about THE KING OF POP, is an intense and emotional journey through Michael Jackson’s greatest hits with bold staging and audiovisual design. The show is praised worldwide for its high artistic quality in many different disciplines: vocals, dancers, musicians, beatboxers, and acrobats. Get an inside look at what it takes to pull off a show like FOREVER in this Q&A with Alex Blanco, the show’s Michael Jackson impersonator.

What does it take to become a great Michael Jackson impersonator?

Michael Jackson is a very unique artist and it is really hard to mimic. Imagine 2,000 people paying to see a show of the King of Pop with the highest expectations and you, as the impersonator, not being able to meet said expectations. My job is really focused on studying literally every single mannerism, gesture and move to be able to replicate it as close to the original as possible. I spend countless hours watching videos from his live shows just to really understand all his thought process behind every move and every detail. I just love to watch every concert we have available online from MJ, seeing how he improvised in certain situations, what moves he did in which songs, and so on and so forth. It is important to rehearse to get the technique of the moves down, but it is also vital to study and not lose the essence of the character. As for the looks, I do the makeup myself. I was originally proposed to receive the help of a professional, but there is nobody who understands my face structure better than myself. So with a lot of trial and error I got the looks perfectly, and I studied Michael Jackson’s face in a way I could adapt it to mine. It is hard to do the makeup without being a parody, the objective is to make it look as natural as possible and actually very believable, so once I show up on stage, people for one slight moment think that they are seeing the original singer and not me. And no, I had cero surgeries! I love myself and my life, I would never change anything about myself unless it is absolutely necessary.

Why do you think the show resonates with so many people across the world?

Because Michael Jackson is literally a universal artist. You can go anywhere in the world and ask who Michael Jackson is and I am sure everybody could give you an answer. This is why we are doing our best to tour worldwide with the show, we really want everyone to enjoy what really made Michael Jackson the actual King of Pop, and the best thing of all, is that you don’t really need to be a hardcore fan to enjoy what we do, we do a big variety of different songs that many will recognise and we don’t focus on copying one of his concerts, we are more focused in celebrating his music and legacy. Also, our show is 100% live! Live vocals, live music, and insanely talented dancers! These things are what made Michael Jackson’s family endorse our show.

What kind of reactions do you get from Michael Jackson fans?

They love this. They really do. I think one of the reasons fans love FOREVER is because we treat the artist with a lot of respect. The show will never touch controversial topics or things like that. We focus on what made him so special: his music. Also, we show his more sensible side, we show how Michael was an actual philanthropist and really cared for the wellbeing of the world and people.

What does the music mean to you?

It means a lot. When I was a kid I loved listening to songs like Smooth Criminal or Thriller. But it goes beyond that. His music helped me through tough times at school, I was being bullied by some older kids and I was having a terrible time. Thanks to his music, however, it really helped me get distracted from all types of problems and it was healing. Also, learning to dance like him was just a magical time of my life. I met so many amazing fans in person and online, went to fan events, performed at people’s weddings or private parties, and so on. His music changed my life in many ways, I honestly think I am a better version of myself ever since I became a fan.

How do you prepare for the show?

I try to change my mindset radically. When I’m doing my makeup and when I’m with my colleagues (dancers, musicians, singers…) before starting the show, I act purely as Alex Blanco. I sometimes forget that I am dressed as Michael Jackson. But that moment that I am about to enter on stage, I really have a huge change of mindset, and I really get into the character. I think about all the people waiting to see me get on stage and how they expect to see the closest thing possible to Michael Jackson, so I try my best to give that sensation. It is hard, really hard, but after hundreds of shows worldwide, this is something I mastered, and I really become the King of pop for the show. Once the show ends, however, I keep doing my life and being myself. A lot of people have this image of Michael Jackson impersonators being weird and that they lack personality… Well, that’s not my case at least!

What is one word to best describe the show?

Out of every word I can choose, I think “celebration” is the best one. It is an absolute celebration of his music, legacy and artistry. I am sure everyone will love this show.

The Scandinavian tour starts on February 16, 2024. Click the link to buy your ticket: FOREVER, the best show about the KING OF POP | CSB Island Entertainment

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