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“To sing those powerful songs and dance up and down the stage at the same time is incredibly hard. Tina was an absolute athlete to be able to do that”

Simon Melhus

By Simon Melhus

juni 03, 2024

When Showtime Australia began casting for the Tina Turner tribute TINA The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Show in 2017, Caroline Borole was hard to overlook for the leading role, with a natural rasp and extraordinary power to her voice and an athleticism on stage that Director Johnny Van Grinsven simply couldn’t find elsewhere. We spoke to Borole about what it takes to pull off a show like TINA, and what audiences can expect when seeing the show. 

What does it take to put on a show like you do in this ultimate tribute to the queen of rock ‘n’ roll?

A lot of energy! To sing those powerful songs and dance up and down the stage at the same time is incredibly hard. Tina was an absolute athlete to be able to do that. I definitely had to train for it.

What is the biggest challenge for you as a performer?

The stamina needed to get through such an energetic show, especially when you are doing a big tour and doing night after night of shows and travelling.

What have you done prior to this show, and how has it prepared you?

I’ve dipped my toes into almost every aspect of showbiz in South Africa, most notably I’ve been a vocal coach on South African Idols the past few years, and before that I acted in Generations, a very famous South African television drama, and was a host on RadioToday, but I’ve also released original music and performed in musicals such as Dreamgirls. Every little bit of experience helps with learning technique, understanding roles, understanding audiences, and being a better performer all round. With TINA The Ultimate Tribute to the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll I am doing my most prolific international touring – through the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more to come – and that is a learning experience in itself!

What kind reactions do you get from Tina Turner fans?

Such lovely reactions, audiences are always so kind and just want an opportunity to remember Tina and hear her music played live, because there’s no better way to hear it, so they are always grateful.

Why do you think Tina Turner has become a musical icon?

Many people can sing a song in tune, but star power is very rare. To be able to tell a story with your voice, convey emotions like that, is such a rare talent and anyone who has ever heard Tina would have to agree she had that.

What does Tina Turner and her music mean to you?

It’s the music I grew up listening to, on repeat, through my father, so it helped me develop a very early love for blues and rock music, and a female artist I could aspire to.

What is one word to best describe the show?


What can audiences expect when seeing the show?

A memorable night out! You will leave the show reinvigorated and inspired because it is hit after hit of incredible, nostalgic, soulful,  fun Tina music performed by artists who adore her and who walk on stage every night with her in their hearts, just wanting to pay tribute to how wonderful she was.

Click the link to buy your ticket: TINA The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Show

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